Corporate Concierge

Le Chariot manages all the requirements for our clients’ lives in general and their business trips.

We approach our clients with solutions to their problems regarding their trips, organisation of events, incentive trips, daily solutions and Concierge service.

We offer hotel, flight and restaurant bookings, organisation of events, kick off, VIP tickets and hospitality, incentive trips, planning of meetings anywhere around the globe…


Concierge for Banks

Le Chariot is the leading concierge company in private banking, creating added value for potential bank clients.

We provide exclusivity and personalised attention for anything that the clients require, taking care of every tiny detail.

Our Concierge service specialised in banking, offers assistance and management for both business and leisure trips, organisation of events, it provides privileged information about restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and recommendations anywhere in the world and it helps to manage our clients’ daily lives.


Concierge for Travel Agencies

Le Chariot provides personalised services to travel agencies, working and cooperating together to offer a high quality service to the clients.

We complete the service offered by travel agencies, helping and providing support to raise the journey to Premium standard.

We reach the places where other agencies cannot, due to lack of resources, contacts or time and at all times, we work with the agencies as partners, increasing the client’s experience to obtain their satisfaction.


  • Personalised attention 24/7.
  • Personalised organisation and management of travel arrangements.
  • Assessment according to the client’s tastes and requirements.
  • Requirements regarding visas, passports, entry permits, vaccinations and documentation.
  • Car rental.
  • Chauffeur service.
  • Special shows, opera, ballet, theatres, concerts, sporting events, museums and other cultural activities and events.
  • Gifts and shopping.
  • Suggestions and recommendations on an international scale.
  • Ideas, acquisition and dispatch of gifts.
  • Localisation of articles that are difficult to find.


Concierge for Sports and Talent Agencies

At Le Chariot we understand that demand and excellence go hand in hand, therefore we offer our services to the top agencies for athletes and performers in the world.

Thanks to a wide network of contacts and to our concierges all over the world, we can meet the demands of high profile individuals, who are used to travelling and to quality services.

Our work has no limits and no specific duration. We work effectively and above all, efficiently in short periods of time; we know that each plan can change in a question of seconds, therefore we adapt to the client, with extraordinary adaptability, personalised service and reaction capacity.

  • Personalized attention 24/7.
  • Interpreters and translators.
  • General information about etiquette and protocol.
  • Personal assistance.
  • Business trips.
  • Personalized private trips.
  • Management of last minute changes.
  • Organisation of events.
  • Management of family relocation during the event.
  • Management and help with flight connections.
  • Booking and management of flights, hotels, restaurants…
  • Luxury vehicles.
  • Relocation in any city.
  • Relocation management of personal effects.
  • Processing and contracting of schools, domestic staff and LifeStyle.
  • Bookings for events that are sold out.
  • Last minute bookings at the city’s top venues.
  • VIP tickets and hospitality.