Le Chariot

Whether you are looking for last minute bookings in restaurants, or personalised travel routes, or tickets for any sporting event or show around the world, or help with missed connections, relocations, or searches for schools, or advice about personal staff, we are the service chosen by those who wish to enjoy the best that life can offer.

We manage our clients’ most valuable asset: Their Time. Because life is for enjoying. We make the effort to offer our clients LifeStyle management solutions. We take charge of simplifying and enriching our clients’ lives.


Madrid • Barcelona • New York • Los Angeles • Miami • Rome • Dubai • Cape Town Cannes • Istanbul • London • Paris • Mexico • Oslo • Brisbane • Lima


Our key principle is to fulfil our commitments. Every wish is precisely observed. If any unforeseen circumstances were to appear, the Concierge from Le Chariot will resolve it immediately to prevent the client from having to worry about anything at all.


Our added value is formed by our recommendations, based on what we have tried and tested, carefully personalised for each client.


Each client is important to us, therefore our Concierges make each person feel special, taking care of even the smallest details. We base our work on our detailed knowledge of each client, our experience, their preferences and a completely personalized attention.


At Le Chariot we work with high quality networking, ensuring that anywhere in the world, any service is always fulfilled safely, with quality and on time.